The Power of Poise

Here’s an interesting quote from Christian Larson:

“Whatever we wish to attain or accomplish, power is required; and since it is our privilege as well as our desire to attain much and accomplish much, any method through which we may increase our power will naturally receive our most direct and most thorough attention.

The method under consideration we shall call Poise, because Poise conserves energy, and conserved energy accumulates energy. The path to increase is to save what you now receive, and to constructively use what you have saved. This we accomplish through Poise.

When we attain Poise, all the energy generated in the system is saved; that is, all loss and waste is prevented. This fact means much—so much that months of experience may be required to realize its import in full.

Some conception of the value of being able to save all the energy generated in the system will be gained when we learn that the average person loses from three-fourths to nine-tenths of this power. Even the mental giants in the world are actually wasting nearly three-fourths of the energy generated in their systems. The one-fourth which is saved and employed makes them great: then what might they not become if they saved and employed all this power?

The energy generated in the system, when saved, will push the individual forward to higher attachments and greater achievements, even though nothing else be done to promote progress. Everybody knows through experience that nothing can hold down the person who is literally charged with enormous energies, and we are all being charged every hour with enormous energies, but we do not retain them. We let nine-tenths of this power slip away because we have not acquired Poise.

Power simply must press on to greater things; and he who is full of power will positively enjoy the privilege of continuous advancement. Add to the possession of power the constructive use of power and we have the real secret of greatness.”

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