The powerful forces within you

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson

“I am addressing you upon the supposition that you are desirous of developing the forces within you, for the purpose of attaining success. Success in life depends very materially upon the possession of the quality of attracting and influencing our fellow-men.

No matter what other qualities you may possess, you are handicapped by a lack of that subtle force which we are in the habit of calling Personal Magnetism. Look around you and you will see that nearly every man who has “arrived” is possessed of the ability to attract, persuade, influence or control his fellows. They are all what is known as “strong” men.

There are a few exceptions to this great rule, and these exceptions only go to prove the rule itself. These exceptions are usually found among men who have demonstrated their success along lines of art, scientific research, invention, literary work, etc., and it will readily be seen that their success, from the very nature of things, depends more upon a close, concentrated, plodding research or effort, rather than upon push, energy, force and knowledge of human nature, or ability to handle men. These men are successful in their own lines of endeavor, but, as a rule, the results of their labor are reaped by others of a more worldly turn of mind. If these burners of midnight oil meet with financial success, it is because some more positive man has taken charge of the business end of their work and pushed it through, in which case the said positive man usually reaps the lion’s share.

This being the true state of affairs, I am justified in regarding success as meaning the attaining of financial reward, and that must depend largely upon the Personal Magnetism of the seeker after success. The inventor, student, writer, and scientist can be greatly benefited by an understanding of the intelligent use of the powers of Mental Control, but to the “man among men” remains the privilege of securing the best results of that wonderful power, for it brings him not only Success, but also its material manifestation — Money.

Money, regarded as mere money, is not a high ideal, but regarded as the means of surrounding ourselves with the best things of life, it becomes no unworthy goal for human endeavor. I, therefore, feel justified in treating it as the end to be sought after.

To repeat, success in life depends largely upon our ability to interest, attract, influence and control our fellow men. I do not think that you will require any argument upon that point, that is, if you have had any acquaintance, whatever, with the world of men and affairs.

The next thing is to learn how this wonderful and valuable power may be acquired. The answer is : by the mastery of the law of Mental Control. That is the secret of not only Personal Magnetism, but also of Success in Life and of Happiness as well. To the man or woman who masters this law, the world is an oyster to be opened and enjoyed in comfort. Even he who lacks the application and perseverance to follow up the exercises for the development of his latent powers, will be stronger and more positive from a mere acquaintance with the subject.”

It’s perfectly clear that personal magnetism is a very worthwhile skill for your life in so many different dimensions, but Atkinson sums it up very well in this short text.

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