The Powerful Tratak

A lot has been said and written about the Tratak technique.

In some traditions it’s simply an introductory practice to other forms of meditation. Something like a “warm-up”.

In other traditions is a form of guru adoration.

Others use it for eye practice in a way to reduce their eye strain.

Yet, there are very few who use the full potential from it.

There’s nothing wrong from the other “simpler” uses. But that’s like using a smartphone as a paper weight. Nothing wrong with that, but it can do so much more.

As you can imagine, Tratak is a lot more than simply staring at a candle.

Tratak is, in fact, a very powerful concentration technique. But only when it’s done right.

It’s important to understand EXACTLY what you are doing and have the full process from beginning to end. Staying just with the candle gazing is limiting the potential of Tratak. In fact, the candle gazing is merely ONE phase out of the SEVEN phases of the full process.

People get so caught up with the candle. But that’s the least important part of it. Once you’re done with that phase, you don’t need the candle again. The most important part is what you do with your mind. I’ll give you a hint: it’s NOT simply staring and trying to focus. There’s a precise method to use with it.

Tratak is one of the best technologies for concentration, mind control and energy development known to man. I don’t know of any other so powerful and versatile.

The Tratak 7 Stage Process is released in FULL in the Concentration and Mind Control course.

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