The problem with energy blocks

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Why are energy blocks so bad for us?”

It’s simple: the purpose of energy is to flow and not to be stuck.

Energy wants to keep moving. That it’s nature and just the way it is.

Movement is what gives energy its dynamic nature. Just like our need to eat or to drink is part of our own human nature, energy has movement as part of its own nature.

When it’s not allowed to flow as it should (due to the several blocks), problems arise.


Because its dynamic nature won’t change, it will simply find other ways to express itself.

As our famous movie mathematician says: “Life finds a way”

For example, if sexual energy is not allowed to flow inside of you easily and naturaly, it can be repressed and it will manifest itself in somatic problems or anxiety.

The basic dynamic nature of energy is still there, but it was transformed to a different facet of energy not quite so pleasant for you.

On another example, science now uncovered the harm of sitting down for long periods of time. According to recent research, it’s even worse than smoking.

If you think energetically about this problem, you can easily deduct the reason. As you are a big part of your day sitting down in front of your desk, your energy is more stagnant than when you are moving.

You can easily understand that since after a couple of hours of sitting in front of a computer you automatically have a need to stretch.

That’s normal. Energy wants movement. When we deny it, it will find other means of expression. On this case, health problems.

You can say: “but can it find a better way of expression?”. Hardly. His optimum nature is its natural state. Anything else will be a limitation and most likely worse for you.

That’s why we place a big emphasis on recovering the natural way of energy movement inside your body. We train it with tension energy on the Vitality and Energy Training and with sexual energy on Sexual Energy Mastery.

This way we cover a large portion of the issues related both to overall health as well as magnetism.

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