The problem with seduction advice

You’ll find plenty of “seduction advice” through a simple search on google.

So much that it’s overwhelming.

Yet, most of that advice is based on certain behaviors you need to have, some lines you need to say or some vague advice like “be confident”.

As you can guess, this has very little to do with the actual reality of attraction.

A woman (or a man) unconsciously decides if they are attracted to you right in the first few seconds.

A gaze is often enough for the unconscious to decide.

This is way before you can say anything or behave in a certain way.

Most times, they don’t even consciously know it until after some minutes, hours or days. But the unconscious knew this right from the very first second.

Everything else you do from that moment either confirms or deny that first impulse.

Your behaviors from that point forward (or what you say) can help you solidify the attraction, or they can hinder you.

But if you already have that initial attraction, your work is cut out for you.

It’s like you have bribed the referee on a football match. You can still lose – if you do a lot of mistakes -, but the odds are in your favor.

So, how can you increase that initial first-seconds type of attraction? How can you bribe the referee?

If you don’t have the time to say anything or do anything, you can only improve your own energy and overall energy projection.

Your energy is like your fingerprint. It’s a unique mark you carry every single minute of your life.

But this energy can have different qualities. Someone can look at you and immediately see a warrior – regardless of how you are dressed.

You don’t need to be on an uniform to have this warrior like energy.

This happens with all those military men who have been in different wars and really carry this energy in them. Most people will notice that they have a different energy to them.

They can say they have warrior like eyes, or posture, or something else… but in reality, all their energy is projecting this information.

This is the same with sexuality. If you carefully observe all the “natural born seducers” you’ve met, most likely they don’t dress all that differently from you.

In fact, you could replicate all their wardrobe and hairstyle, and still you wouldn’t be as successful as them.

Because this is related to their energy and the type of energy they are projecting. If you have any type of energy awareness, you would immediately feel a distinct quality of sexuality in them.

Their energy is infused with this sexuality. It’s sexual energy at its prime.

What pickup lines are they using? Most likely nothing special. They could even ask about the weather and still be successful.

It’s not what they say, it’s what they are projecting: sexual energy. A pure sexuality that radiates from everything they do and say. Something that everyone (unconsciously or consciously) feels right from that initial gaze.

That’s the difference!

And that’s why most “seduction advice” will merely fall flat if your energy is not sexual. Or worse, if you are avoiding this internal sexuality, then no one else will feel sexual from you.

Start to develop your own sexual energy with the Sexual Energy Mastery training.

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