The quantity and quality of your projection

Your energy projection and overall magnetism can have two major traits:

The quality and the quantity.

The QUALITY of your projection is related to what you are projecting. For example: you can be projecting sexual energy (which transforms into sexual magnetism), tension energy (which transforms into personal magnetism).

As you can guess, they have different effects in the persons who surround you.

And there’s also the QUANTITY of your projection, which I generally write less about.

You can have a perfect sexual energy inside, but if you are only allowing a minimum of it going out, then it’s going to have a small impact on your magnetism.

You’ll need to become aware of the amount of energy you are projecting (if any!), which is different from what you are feeling inside.

You can have four levels of the quantity:

LEVEL ZERO: you are blocking your projection. Energy can be trying to get out, but you aren’t allowing it. Can be a conscious or an unconscious block.

Naturally, you are always projecting something, just not what you may want. The most common scenario is to be projecting a “restrictive”, blocked and anxious type of energy.

LEVEL ONE: You are projecting some of the energy you want, just not enough to cause a significant impact. There are still some blocks in place which are preventing a free flow of your projection.

LEVEL THREE: On this level you have an impactful projection of energy and good magnetism. Energy is flowing correctly from the inside to the outside.

LEVEL FIVE: Massive projection of energy. Can be good or bad depending on the quality of your energy. You can see examples of a negative level five projection in those people who are really loud and obnoxious. Or a positive example of a level five projection on Martin Luther King famous speech.

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