The quickest way to your desires

A New Thought author called Henry Thomas Hamblin wrote:

“There are two old proverbs which are well known and often quoted, but whose profound psychological importance is not perhaps fully appreciated.

They are these: “Birds of a feather flock together”, and “You can tell a man’s character by the company he keeps”.

The source of this attraction is largely in a man’s thought. If we think thoughts of a certain type, then we attract to ourselves people of a similar type of thought. We are drawn together by the invisible forces of attraction.

It is true that the character of our thought becomes, in course of time, written on our face, so that all the world can see if we are pure or filthy, strong or weak, loving or hard, noble or base; but it is largely the attractive power of thought that draws people to us.

Our thoughts not only attract people to us after their kind, but they also attract other thoughts after their kind, and also opportunities and circumstances.

The human mind, although in one sense it can be called creative, is more of a receptacle of thought than a generator of the same.”

Thousands of people have been doing in one way or another the law of attraction.

“thinking positive thoughts”

And that’s – of course – an important and essential aspect of it.

But it’s far from being the only one.

More than the actual content of the thoughts (as important as they are), you have the energetic quality of those thoughts.

If you think “I’m a powerful magnetic man” but overall you don’t really believe it, or you feel it as weak, as you can expect, the value of that thought will be very limited.

That thought must have the correct energy behind it if you want it to be efficient in achieving what you want.

Your whole mind, body and energy must resonate with that energy.

That’s the quickest and fastest way to achieve what you desire. And this is exactly what you learn on the Magnetic Manifestation training.

It’s not a simple “think positive” type of training. It’s a precise road map to changing your mind, body and energy to the energy of what you seek.

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