The real reason of why you don’t succeed

What would you like to do that you are not doing?

If you think you should have a better life, why don’t you? What’s stopping you?

More often than not, you have a reason that you constantly repeat to yourself to stop you from doing something.

We all have a secret reason of why we don’t achieve a certain thing we want.

It usually takes place in form of a “mantra” that you keep repeating in our mind. It can be because of the economy, or because of our past, or because of our family, or because of our personality.

Whatever that is, you don’t let go of it.

Even when someone else shows you that someone else made it despite that reason.

“Yes the economy is bad for everyone yet Johnny created a successful company”


“Yes, Brian is introverted as well and yet he has dates every night of the week”

This happens because this mantra that you keep repeating in your mind, often is merely an excuse not to change or not to do something.

But you don’t assume that you simply don’t want to do it, then you blame whatever other reason.

That is an overall negative thing for you because you don’t truly face what’s stopping you.

Which on many cases it’s inertia and fear of failure.

Of course, putting up the effort to build a company takes a lot more work (and risk) than watching netflix while you work at a dead end job.

It can go terribly bad. But it can also go awesomely well! Either way, at least you’ve done it. You have attempted to do it and didn’t stayed put.

Sometimes a simple change of your line of thought, or your inner voice changes everything. But it’s not so easy to convince yourself to change this line of thought since it keeps you on the comfortable homeostasis which your brain loves.

You can literally be your own worst enemy.

Discover why you have not achieving what you want – discover the cause of your failure. Have you been expecting someone to lead you, or to make way for you? Or some external event to happen? Or avoiding risk overall?

Focus on a new line of thought. On a new mental state. That’s what we teach and practice at the 10 Steps to Inner Power training course.

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