The right way of doing magnetism exercises

If you have enrolled on any Charisma School training you have seen – and hopefully done – many exercises and techniques.
Maybe you were even overwhelmed.
This makes it easy to get a wrong idea about magnetism.
Although you may have all these exercises and techniques, magnetism is not about doing certain exercises X amount of times and all of a sudden you are magnetic.
It’s not a computer game where you automatically level up if you do X amount of quests.
Magnetism it’s a way of being. It’s something for you to integrate into your conscious and unconscious mind.
Something that either you are or you aren’t.
The exercises and techniques are only there to be your training wheels. A guiding path to this new way of being.
Each exercise, each technique is about learning a new skill. They all have a distinct purpose for you to integrate inside of you. And the more you think of them like that, the more you realize that you can’t just do them for the sake of doing.
It’s crucial you don’t think about the exercises as something to be done and get it over with.
You don’t gain anything by doing them at the same time as you’re texting your friends or thinking about what you’ll have for lunch. It’s not like brushing your teeth or any other automatic behaviors you might have.
If you’re not focused on learning and integrating the skill, then the exercise loses its value. It’s not even about the actual final goal of the exercise. The process of getting there is 1000x more important.
Let’s say the simplest exercise of focusing 5 minutes on any object of concentration (like your breath, or a candle, or an object).
You may be focused in holding on the 5 full minutes. Then you may become angry when you lose the focus and then going back to it using a brute force approach, because you want to accomplish the goal.
You may approach the exercise using a mindset of exploration. You aim on getting the skill of laser like concentration. And for this you also reflect on your experience. You need to understand how you work and what you are doing before you can develop that skill.
What happens when you lose your focus on the object? Why did you lost it? How? What was the process? And how about the process of actual concentration? How does it feel? How different it is from your normal everyday focus?
That’s how you gain enough awareness to develop a new skill.
Who do you think gains more from this very same exercise? The one using brute force approach or the one using an exploratory, skill-like approach?
Sure that if you use brute force you may get there eventually… but it will take you 50 times longer than anyone who thinks of the exercise as a skill development and explores his own internal awareness until he fully understands what he is doing and WHY he is doing it.
Be conscious and aware in your approach to the exercises and techniques and you will be well rewarded by a faster progress.

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