The rise of the machines

Everywhere you turn, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across news regarding AI, ChatGPT, and all the changes it will bring.

It’s everywhere.

And for a good reason. Undoubtedly, this will change the world as we know it. It could be for the best, or it could be a Skynet apocalypse. I don’t know which. In fact, I don’t think anyone knows. But one thing is sure… it will be different. We just don’t know how.

I’ve been pondering the question lately: what will change regarding magnetism, Will, inner power and charisma?

To be honest, I don’t expect much to change. As long as human interaction exists, your magnetism will still influence people.

These teachings were transmitted 100 years ago, and I’m sure they will continue to be taught 100 years from now.

We’ll probably start interacting more with robots and AI mechanisms – which will need their skills and new jobs. But human interaction won’t suddenly vanish.

You’ll still need to influence someone to approve your projects. You’ll still need to attract sexual partners. You’ll still need to develop good inner power and Will for healthy habits.

Even if some parts of the interactions are done through a machine, you’ll eventually meet face to face, just like what happens now. Tinder changed the dating game, but you still need sexual magnetism once you speak or meet. If this magnetism is not there, everything crumbles.

I predict that even more magnetism will be needed. The more digital our society becomes, the more we must be trained in magnetism and basic human interaction rules. The more blocks we will have regarding actual physical contact.

A time may come when everything is virtual, and we’ll have virtual bodies, voices, and eyes. This way, our magnetism will also be virtual and artificially created. But – fortunately for us – that’s probably not going to be anytime soon.

Who knows… I may launch a magnetism course for robots in the future!

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