The role of your defense mechanisms

In our last email, we delved into the concept of knowing yourself, which essentially involves understanding your energy system. But what’s the real value of this energetic knowledge? Why bother knowing and honing it?

When you grasp how your energy moves within your body, you also become aware of how it’s hindered, where it’s NOT flowing – specifically, how you impede its natural flow.

These hindrances are your defense mechanisms, your blocks, thwarting your energy from functioning as it should.

While these defense mechanisms might have served you well at some point in your life, they are currently holding you back from pursuing your desires. You unconsciously acquired them in the past, and now you keep on using them all the time.

As a result, they pose more of a threat than assistance.

The challenge lies in their unconscious nature; they operate discreetly, beyond your conscious awareness. In your everyday life, you might not even realize they are at play.

However, they exert influence over all aspects of your behavior, and the deeper they run, the more they impact you.

Consider this: if your stomach tenses every time you encounter Bob, your behavior will inevitably be affected. There might be a valid reason for this response (perhaps Bob isn’t a pleasant person), or it could be an outdated defense mechanism that once shielded you but is now unnecessary.

Either way, the decision lies with you, and it’s crucial to make it consciously.

With this understanding of your energy, you gain the freedom to act in alignment with your true desires.

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