The secret of (great!) energy workers

One of the biggest issues of energy healers is then not knowing what they are projecting.

Most of the energy workers and healers live in a fairly land. They haven’t really understood energy and its laws.

They fool themselves with their own imagination, wishful thinking and the placebo effect.

That’s why people have such a mixed experience with energy workers.

There are some individuals who swear by them, while others dismissed them completely after a few failed experiments.

There’s not exactly any exam to go through, or any formal license to be an energy worker. You set up a webpage (or a flyer) and you’re done.

You can start “healing” right now!

As I mentioned before, most of the great energy workers I’ve met – the ones who provided the best results for their clients – were all very rough and earthly people.

Definitely not airy, new age types.

I’ve met one who was even quite rude… but boy could he control energy! When he placed his hands on you – without touching – it was like being hold down by a regiment!

That’s because the movement of energy is dependent on Will.

You move it and manipulate it with the Will. And earthly types tend to have the most of it, so it’s a lot easier for them to use their Will to move energy and do the healing.

The new age types tend to rely a lot more on “imagination” without the actual feeling and the powerful Will.

That’s not what we teach. On the Vitality and Energy Training you develop this “willfull” movement and control of energy. As far away from new age visualizations as possible.

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