The Secret to Fabricio’s Vitality

If there was one trait of Fabricio’s magnetism that was very prevalent that immediately drew me to him was his vitality.He seemed to have unlimited amounts of energy.

He could teach all day long. He could read all day long. He could be talking with people and having fun
as much as he wanted to. And when he was talking with you, you can vibrantly feel his intensity and spark!

In short, his vitality was off the charts.

And vitality is one more trait of personal magnetism. One more useful trait you can develop that is, for sure, very useful in your life.

After all, who doesn’t want more energy for their day to day living? Who doesn’t want to be able to
do more in the same time?

I asked him directly about his source of vitality, and he told me:

“This is a consequence of your energy training. The more you get to understand and master your energy, the more ALIVE you will be!”

And although it seemed strange at the time, I’ve came to understand it to be the truth.

Over time I noticed that as I increased my energy skills, the more vitality I seemed to have.

And this was before I knew about other types of energy arts which claim the same thing. I’m talking about Yoga as well as Tai-Chi and Qigong.

All these traditions knew about this. Hence their claims for health, vitality and longevity.

The problem is they take to darn long!

The magnetic and tension energy approach is much faster and efficient for the same goal.

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