The strong effect of your energy blocks

If you can feel energy internally, you will come across energy blocks. That’s a fact.

These are areas of your body where your energy is not circulating. It seems stuck in a specific place.

It could be a minimal area or a bigger one; either way, the energy is not flowing there correctly.

Somehow it’s “stuck.” It’s similar to a roadblock that doesn’t allow cars to use that lane.

You may think: “What’s the big deal? It’s only a minor thing that I can barely feel.”

And you may be right. Certain blocks probably won’t bother you. And in fact, unless you start observing and becoming aware of what’s happening inside your body, most likely, you wouldn’t even know they are there.

The problem is those that don’t allow energy circulation at critical moments, forcing certain behaviors.

For example: let’s say you are invited to a public speaking event where you are the main speaker even though you don’t have any practice in this field.

Your anxiety certainly rises.

Anxiety is a combination of symptoms (raising heart rate, muscle tension, sweating, etc.) caused by one or more internal energy contractions.

With anxiety, you may feel a strong, energetic, or muscular contraction (an energy block) in your stomach, heart, or other areas. This tends to be quite strong. So much that it usually forces a certain kind of behavior. Maybe it will be to run away, act impulsively, freeze, and so on.

Most likely, it won’t be the only energy block, but the most substantial block will usually indicate the problematic area.

Once we’re aware of our body and our energy flow, we may work on those blocks to let them go. It’s the same thing as if your hand was closed tight, and all you need to open is to relax. The problem is twofold: you don’t know that your hand is closed or don’t know how to open it.

So we learn both in the course The Unblocking Process. First, to become aware of your internal energy blocks and then how to “open” them.

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