The three outcomes of your magnetism

We have discussed before how your magnetism is like a fragrance you use. Everyone can smell it and either likes it or doesn’t like it. Or even worse, it’s completely neutral.

When many people like it, you have achieved the goal of magnetism. You are spreading a good perfume that most people like.

Depending on how this perfume is created, it may be more directed toward sexual energy, developing sexual magnetism. Or it may be more directed to respect and leadership – hence developing personal magnetism. Or it may be more compassionate, among many others.

Either way, most people enjoy it when they want to be around you, so you know you are doing something right.

You’ll have negative or repugnant magnetism when people don’t like it. It’s an energy that repels people rather than attracts them. Just like a cheap or bad perfume would do.

You can know when this happens since you start to have quite a few awkward or uncomfortable situations since people won’t want to be around you. They might create excuses to leave or avoid you in some way.

As always, you won’t please everyone. But if many people are moving away, you know you have some work to do in your “fragrance formulation,” in other words, in the energy that you are exuding: what exactly are you projecting?

When it’s not appealing to most people – or at the very least to the people you want to attract – you know you have some work to do.

Even worse than this is the neutral magnetism. I call this a wallflower; it’s in the wall, but no one sees it.

It’s worse than repelling since the work to improve is actually harder. While in negative magnetism, you only need to work on the quality of your magnetism, here, you don’t even know your quality; you need to work on that and on the strength of your projection since it is so weak no one feels it.

Either way, being conscious of this is the first step. Then you need to start improving, which is what we do in our training.

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