The true explanation of witchcraft and Voodoo

William Walker Atkinson brings a great point regarding Witchcraft and Voodoo:

“The physical and material agencies used by the Voodoo men, and the “witches” of old, – the wax images, and pith-balls, and all the rest of the Tom-foolery, were nothing but the agencies upon which the Will of the practitioner could concentrate – an aid to concentrated Will.

Of course, besides, they served to terrify their victims by Suggestion. I do not deny that material objects “take up” and absorb the “magnetism” of people, good and bad – for that is well established occult truth, and the efficacy of “charms”, sacred relics, etc, depend upon this fact, together with the aid of Suggestion.

But I do say that all the charms in the world – all the Witchcraft and Voodoo material agencies – can produce no other effect that is allowed by them by the minds of the persons sought to be affected. Fewr and belief determines the degrees of receptivity to such influences.

I will relate but one instance, which will serve as a type of these forms of Telementation. It is cited by an old German physician. He relates that he was consulted by a farmer who complained of being disturbed at night by strange noises which sounded like someone striking iron. These noises occurred between the hours of ten and twelve every night.

The physician asked him if he had any enemy he suspecting of thus influencing and annoying him. He replied that there was no one but an old village blacksmith, an old enemy whose power he feared, and who lived several miles from the farmer.

The physician bade him return the next day, and in the meantime visited the blacksmith, and asked him what he did between the hours of ten and twelve at night, accompanying the question with a glance of strong Will and Power.

The blacksmith, now somewhat frightened, replied: “I hammer a bar of iron every night at that time, and all the while I think intently of a bad enemy of mine, who once cheated me out of some money; and I will at the same time that the noise shall disturb his rest”. The physician ordered him to desist, and at the same time made the farmer pay over the money due to the blacksmith, and there was no more trouble.

If you wish further instances of this sort, turn over the pages of any old book which treats upon the “Witchcraft Delusion” and note the similarity. But one instance is enough to illustrate the matter – they are all “cut out of the same cloth”.

You will note the two necessary elements present in every case, viz 1) the use of the Force by one person; and 2) the belief or fear, or both, on the part of the second person. Now you have the whole story.”

This force of the Will can be quite powerful indeed! That’s what we start to train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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