The true insight

There are different layers of understanding or insight that you can have regarding your problems and issues.

Most of the time, people refer to an intellectual understanding:

“I know this was due to my father saying I’m a failure,” or “I know this was because I was bitten by a dog when I was 3 years old,” or “I know this was because Anna from kindergarten told me I was ugly.”

Whatever it is, if you know the cause but still feel it, then it means you have an intellectual understanding of it.

Your mind grasps it, but your body and energy don’t. It means there’s a disconnect between your mind and your body. You understood it intellectually, but you haven’t really integrated it inside. The body didn’t get it.

In real insight or understanding, you feel the change in your body and energy. It’s a calm energization, with a solid energy surrounding it.

It feels unified.

This either happens or it doesn’t. There’s no “I kind of get it.” The feeling of true insight is unmistakable.

When it’s only intellectual, there are no bodily changes or energy movements. Everything stays the same inside even if your mind understands it. Your body and energy won’t lie.

Even in intellectual understanding, you can find different layers. I can explain that each water molecule has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. You can, of course, easily grasp it intellectually and memorize it.

But if I now take you to a lab and show you a microscopic image of a water molecule, you’ll get a completely different level of understanding. When you experience it firsthand, the insight is solid; it becomes something else.

You don’t solve your problems or become magnetic by having intellectual understanding. At most, they give you motivation and guidance to dig deeper. But the tools you use to dig must be different from those you used before.

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