The true secret of projection

If you’ve been following this newsletter for a while, you know that magnetism is a projection of your own energy.
And yes, you do need to project your energy for others to be able to feel it.
But the interesting thing is that working on projection is not about more techniques to influence others. Instead it’s much more of your own inner work.
It seems paradoxical, after all, your goal is to influence someone else, so you should be working outwards.
But it’s not really a paradox, particularly once you understand that you are the one holding back your projection.
If it’s not working, it’s not because you don’t know the “super influencing technique”. It’s because you are not allowing yourself to project your energy.
Something is blocking it.
It’s the work on your projection blocks that lies the true secret of projection. Not on more influencing techniques.
The simplest of the techniques will work if you don’t have any projection blocks.
The more you need to work to influence, the more projection blocks you have.
Once they are cleared and your energy can flow outward at will, then any technique can work.
I know students are always looking for powerful influencing techniques. But this is not their main problem.
A simple statement of intention is enough to influence if there’s no projection blocks. Your energy will flow naturally and smoothly to the outside, and to the other person, without the need of anything more complex.
We work on the projection blocks for sexual energy in the training:

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