the true understanding

There needs to be more clarity in the training aspect of magnetism.

Most people confuse intellectual understanding with experiential understanding.

They are very far away from each other.

You may hear someone speak and intellectually understand the concept(s), but it’s only when you know it experientially that you really get it.

Intellectual understanding is only the first step. We need, of course, to understand the concept. But we shouldn’t stop there.

Truly getting it comes only with experience.

The “theory” behind magnetism is very easily explained. You’ll quickly understand the underlying reasoning by reading these short emails for a while.

I could expand it and create more theoretical reasonings behind it, but the idea is easy to grasp.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be magnetic just by reading and understanding the concept.

The same goes for the exercises. You may think you know it or that it’s easy, but only when you dive deep into it will you truly get it.

You need an experiential understanding of it. This only comes by doing, thinking and reflecting on your experiences, and then doing it again.

If you’re only blindly doing it, or doing it just for the sake of doing it, you won’t get there.

The reflection part is crucial. It’s not just about doing; it’s also about reflecting on it to go beyond the simple intellectual understanding and move to experiential knowledge.

What exactly are you doing? What are you feeling when you are doing it? How about when you do it differently? Do you think it works better or worse? What’s the difference? Where do you feel X? How do you feel it? How about when you mix it with Y? What’s missing for you to achieve the results you’re after? What are your main difficulties? How can you overcome them?

All those questions and more are essential to ask regularly.

It is paramount to play with it and reflect on what you’re doing and the results.

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