The truth about sexual tension (Part 1)

I often see students uncomfortable with tension in interactions. And yes, depending on the interaction, tension can be quite negative.

An interaction filled with tension with your boss, might mean that you’re about to be fired. Or that you screwed up somehow.

Or an interaction with tension might mean someone is angry.


Not all interactions with tension are bad. Tension can be quite positive.

In fact, in sexual or flirting interactions, tension is a great thing!

It means sexual energy is rising between you and the person you are interacting with. And if you break that tension – with nervous laughs, changing the conversation, etc – you are shooting yourself in the foot.

You are DECREASING the sexual energy flow on that interaction.

This would only be good if you DON’T want to get anything out of it.

But let’s step back.

What exactly is this tension you’re feeling?

The tension you feel is nothing more than a build up of the energy with no release. The energy starts to get generated and “piled up” with no escape. When there’s a release, the energy returns to its usual flow.

It should be quite a familiar feeling to you since that’s often what happens with an energy block. Energy gets stuck in some place in your energy body, without a way to escape. You have to consciously release it if you want to get rid of it. Otherwise, several tension spots (muscular or energetic) pop up in your body.

It’s also what happens in anxiety.

Energy rises quickly inside of you and you can’t release it. Your muscles get tensed, your breathing gets faster, your heart rate increases and so on.

It can lead to a panic attack when the tension becomes too much for you to handle.

In tension energy exercises – like those we train in Vitality and Energy Training or the Magnetic Gaze – we do a CONSCIOUS increase of this energy which won’t have any sort of negative impact.

It’s a controlled and conscious increase of energy inside of you. You are vitalizing all your internal organs and overall body. That’s why it’s such a powerful set of practices.

Dullness vanishes and only leaves a powerful vitalizing feeling.

And how about sexual tension? What exactly is it?

We will go into all these details on our next email!

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