The Turnaround Effect

The “turnaround effect” is one thing that I’m often asked by email. This happens when others feel your energy when you walk into a room that they turn around when you enter, even if you are completely silent.

They turn around merely because they feel your energy, not because they hear you coming in.

It seems a very mysterious and surreal thing but in fact it’s not. It’s merely a projection of your
own inner energy to the space around you.

To accomplish that you first need to develop the strong inner power. Without it, your energy will
have little or no consistency.

The next step is the development of your own tension energy, so the projection has enough strength to reach and be felt by others.

Only then, we can focus on the projection of yourself to the space around you. There are specific exercises to develop this personal space projection, but it can also be achieved without it.

Some people emit a strong and powerful energy that we can call aura. As your inner power and tension energy becomes consistent and well developed, it’s inevitable that it’s turned into an external projection.

But this often takes more time to develop than what we need. We need the turnaround effect for tomorrow’s meeting or next week’s presentation to cause a powerful effect.

That’s why we need the specific exercises to develop it. Exercises on Personal Space energy projection shorten the learning curve, and can make you develop the turnaround effect much easily. You can find them on the Personal Magnetism course:

Personal Magnetism

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