The two aspects of the Will

In the most common definition, Will power is the ability to do something you know you should do but don’t really want to.

When you genuinely want to do it, you do it. There’s no Will power necessary.

Just think about how much Will power you need to go to the beach, play a video game or watch netflix, or whatever you passively do to relax or have fun. Not that much.

You do it because you want to.

So the problem is in those tasks you know you should do but don’t really want to. Maybe it’s because something else is more appealing – like staying in bed when you should go for a run or watching netflix instead of working. The momentary pleasure is more attractive than the future pleasure.

Either way, whatever the reason, you would prefer to do something other than those things you “should” do.


Because you are more connected to that momentarily pleasure than you are connected to the other (smaller) part of you. In other words, you feel the energy of the momentary pleasure much more, while the other, as important as it may be, just doesn’t “feel” that much at that moment.

And when you go with what feels more and better at that moment.

At some other moment, it might be different. But at that moment, when you wake up for a run, you feel more of the warmth of the bed rather than the future pleasure you may feel after your successful run.

Here, we can immediately notice how the more significant pleasurable feeling is often not the best for you in the long run. Something you immediately and immensely feel is not connected to your Will. More often than not, it’s the more minor feeling inside you.

Being connected to your Will means you can feel both of these aspects and choose the one more connected with your true want. The Will is your ability to be aware of what you are feeling and your true want. It’s a consciousness and an awareness.

While Will power is a Will trait that manifests your ability to actually do what is more connected to your genuine want despite everything else you may be feeling. Regardless of any other “energetic noise” or impulse you may feel.

So we have these two aspects here:
1) Connecting with your Will – Being aware
2) Doing what you (truly) want to do

You feel a sense of alignment when you connect with your Will and do what you genuinely want to do. As if everything is perfect.

That’s what we do in the Will Mastery training.

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