The two key energies

If you have been following this newsletter for a while, you know we focus mainly on two types of energy:

Tension energy and sexual energy.

They give us two significant types of magnetism: personal and sexual magnetism.

The question may remain: why those specific types? Why not others?

We can focus on different types as the qualities of magnetism are infinite, just like the work that can be done with energy.

But these two types of energies can make you work specifically with the two forces more important for humans: power and sex.

By working with tension energy, you understand the energy behind power.

By working with sexual energy, you understand the energy behind sex.

A combination of the work of these two energies allows you to understand the incredible depth of your major impulses. In other words, they reveal your true self.

Of course, you can’t really cheat when you work with energy.

Regardless of what you think or what beliefs you may have about yourself, your energy will put everything in the open.

It will reveal you.

Both power and sex are two of the most important driving forces of our behaviors; if you understand and master them, you are on your way to mastering yourself.

Most people are just blindly led by their impulses.

They feel something, justify it rationally, and then do the behavior. If we go straight to the source and feel the energy directly, we can then consciously choose what you want to do.

That’s why we focus on tension energy and sexual energy. Those are the strongest drives and impulses of our human experience; the more we are aware of and control them, the more we can control and master ourselves.

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