The two major magnetism sticking points

There are two major sticking points in all magnetic training.

The first are leaks, blocks, and overall defense mechanisms. This is what prevents your energy from flowing freely inside of you.

For example, if your stomach tenses and contracts when interacting with a potential romantic partner, your sexual energy is not flowing freely. It also means something inside of you is trying to actively prevent this interaction.


This is probably due to early age conditioning, where you unconsciously develop this defense mechanism to protect yourself against a perceived threat.

The problem is that you haven’t let go of it. You continue to protect yourself like when you were 4 years old. This is naturally quite limiting to your present life and to what you now want to accomplish.

So everything that prevents your energy from flowing or wastes this energy is a significant sticking point.

The second central sticking point is your overall energy quality. What energy quality are you connecting with?

If you have repulsive energy, most people want to escape you.

While if you have an attractive energy, most people will want to be near you.

It’s as simple as that.

While our energy quality fluctuates depending on the day, we tend to have a baseline energy quality that we connect with. That’s why some people are very magnetic – even when not feeling well – and others tend to be repulsive.

Understanding your energy quality while connecting and projecting what you want to attract to your life is the work of magnetism.

It’s very hard to be magnetic without handling these two sticking points. The first because you are wasting away your energy or blocking its flow, and the second because the energy you are connecting with is not the one you want to have in your life.

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