The two phases of sexual magnetism training

There’s often a misconception about sexual energy and sexual magnetism.

This misconception can stop many students of becoming sexually magnetic and getting the results they want.

The misconception is that you can do a lot of exercises at home and then immediately go to a phase where you are fully and completely magnetic.

Unfortunately, failure is part of the process as well.

Your magnetism will only be “activated” after you put yourself out there.

It’s not like you do these exercises at home for a few days, and then you get out of the house to walk your dog and – lo and behold – everyone will be attracted to you.

There’s a process of sexual magnetism that is done on the inside – at home – and there’s another part of the process that is done on the outside.

Just because you have done the first, it doesn’t mean the second will be without failures and effortless.

It’s as much – or more – practice on the outside than it is on the inside.

Magnetism takes time (and practice) to develop in all kinds of situations.

This practice is as much inside (with home type of exercises) as outside, where you actually need to interact with others.

And yes, this phase involves failures.

Your sexual energy at a safe place (like your house, when you are alone) behaves differently than at a more public place – like a bar or a crowded restaurant.

You’ll have completely different sexual energetic reactions when you are in public, or with someone who you are attracted to, than when you are home alone.

This must be taken into account.

At home, it’s very easy to relax everything and feel the sexual energy deeply.

And of course, that’s important, and it’s something you must go through.

But then, when you go outside, many other blocks are raised which didn’t happened at home, and/or it’s a lot harder to relax and handle your sexual energy when you are attempting to maintain a coherent conversation and manage your space.

You can’t avoid putting yourself out there and the discovery process that follows. Only then can you discover how your inner voice sabotages you, how you behave, how sexual energy moves, what blocks are raised, how to maintain awareness in the midst of a public situation and so on.

All this is as much part of the process as it is the “home-alone” type of practices.

You need to put yourself out there, fail and discover, and only then can you magnetism fully expand.

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