I remember the very first time I heard about sexual energy, even though I already had some experience with personal magnetism, I was quite dubious.

Another energy? The energy of attraction? How about looks? Or wealth? Or your own personal magnetism? What’s the point of training one more energy? Isn’t personal magnetism enough?

These types of questions were plentiful in my mind.

But I trusted my teacher, so I took a leap of faith. I thought that at the very least it would be improve my energy sensitivity, so I wouldn’t lose much in training it.

When I started, I was still a bit stuck on the other energy feeling I had, so it was hard to let go of it to focus on this “new” energy.

Then, I finally overcame this initial hurdle and a new world seemed to open up for me.

Once I could actually feel sexual energy and identify it in others, it seemed like I was blind before and now I could finally see.

There was a whole new world to uncover! All the interactions I experienced now had this whole new dimension in them!

Even those interactions which seemed NOT sexual at all, often had this sexual component mixed in.

I noticed how some people despite trying hard to be sexual and flirting, were projecting ZERO sexual energy.

And – lo and behold – those were the exact same ones who had no success.

I also felt quite naturally what was the “desperation smell” some men project. You know the ones that are on bars with their glass on hand, looking at women around them?

The energy they project is painfully obvious.

It also seemed like some people had a secret to attraction and sexual interactions.

But this “secret” was hidden in plain sight. It was not something they were trying not to show… no, it was quite evident once you were awake to it.

In fact, you can even pinpoint EXACTLY how they are projecting their sexual energy (we describe the process for this in Become a Sexual Man).

I thought: “how on earth no one else has written about it? Why is this not common knowledge?”

And it still boggles me to this day how come no one else sees this. It seems so obvious.

But in fact, only those with some energy sensitivity will ever understand it. For everyone else, it’s daily life as normal.

Sexual energy is, for sure, one of the most important trainings I did in my life.

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