The Way of the Samurai

I’ve always admired the Samurais.The ancient warriors of Japan who follow an honor code called Bushido.

Even though you’re far away from being a Samurai and the Bushido honor code might seem outdated in your modern eyes, there are some lessons to take which can be adapted to your daily life.

Among other principles in Bushido, Samurai were instructed to live as though they expected to die in the next minute, thus ensuring that their present behavior left no room for regret.

Every action they took was thinking about maintaining their honor and doing their duties.

In fact, Shiba Yoshimasa said:

“Warriors should never be thoughtless or absentminded but handle all things with forethought.”

If you think and analyze your behaviors and actions as much as the old samurais did, I’m sure your life would be much different.

First of all, there wouldn’t be any kind of procrastination. You wouldn’t blow off your duties, work or what you are supposed to be doing, to browse the internet, watch television, or checking what your friends are doing on facebook.

Then, if you constantly think about your honor and what is right or wrong, your actions will be a lot different. You would always face your fears, never run from a challenge and always keep your commitments to yourself and others. Your word and your thoughts will have power behind them.

Thirdly, you would be constantly living with a certain degree of Will State. Your actions, behaviours, thoughts, would always have a meaning and energy behind them. They would never be futile or negative, but instead, have a true purpose.

While this may seem like an impossible ideal to look up to, you don’t need to reach perfection on any of it. Instead, you should strive for perfection. That’s what the old Samurais did. They weren’t born this way. They were trained. They made a lot of mistakes in their road to become Samurais.

But they were training constantly.

So much, that they reached a point that just seems out of the reality of the common individual.

But you need to start where you are at this moment. Start now, with your current faults and problems. Train your inner power diligently every day, start to live as you’d like your life to become.

Work, study, have fun, each on their own time and always with inner power. Master your mind.

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