The Will is active and dynamic

Using the Will is not like using a bulldozer, going forward destroying everything in its path.

It’s not about blindly moving forward or doing something just for the sake of doing.

It’s about being active and dynamic.

The activation of the Will is the activation of the mind. It’s about stop being mindless and actually start to do what you want to do.

What you truly want to do is not as simple as it may look at first glance.

You may think that you want to watch netflix all day. Or browse the internet. Or simply not do anything aside from sleep. But that’s far from the truth. Those are “fake wants”. Wants that happen when you are passive in your mind.

When you are active, you don’t want to do be disconnected from yourself and others. There’s a dynamic movement happening inside – not a passive one. And that’s what you absolutely need to keep in mind.

And this dynamic movement make it easier to connect with yourself and your wants.

To know what you want to do you need to connect to your internal world, to the center of yourself and your being.

And the more you use your Will to do this – even in simple things – the more connection you’ll have with your whole internal world.

In other words, the more you use your Will, the easier it will be to use it further and grow even more.

The more you use your Will, the more powerful it becomes and the easier to know exactly what you want.

Not the “fake wants”, but the true wants that come from inside of yourself; to connect to your purpose.

Many people inquire what is their purpose in life. You can know it from the Will. Particularly by understanding the full scope of the Will, as we do in Will Mastery.

The Will is much more than simply having the strength to do something. It’s a deep connection to yourself. Once you get it, you’ll get so much more things!

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