The Will is the foundation

The Will is the foundation for everything you do.

Everything begins with the Will and ends with the Will.

You may think you only want sexual magnetism or anything like that, so the Will is secondary.

But you’ll soon find it essential in all aspects of life.

The Will connects your conscious mind with everything else. It’s in the center of your self, with your emotions, thoughts, and energy surrounding it.

It’s hard to develop magnetism without a solid Will simply because you need to change deeply ingrained habits, thoughts, and energy… and the Will helps you connect all of this together.

In the same way, it’s only possible to manifest something with a solid Will.

The Will is your voice. When you have a strong Will, you can speak, and the universe will listen.

When your Will is weak, you can scream all you want, but no one will care.

The reason for it is evident. When you have a weak Will, you constantly say you’re going to do something, yet you rarely do.

But when you have a strong Will, you are bound to your word. When you say something, you mean it.

I know this is not a popular opinion these days where your word doesn’t mean anything. But this is also why so many people struggle with purpose, meaning, and having some control over their lives.

The Will is behind it. The Will connects your conscious mind with your unconscious and the universe. The Will is what gives power to your words and thoughts.

Without it, you are only shooting blanks.

That’s why we created the course:
>>> Will Mastery

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