The Will to say NO

If you have been reading my newsletter for a while, you know it’s completely free of religious dogma. Yet, even if you are not a Buddhist, try to read the story below, not as advocating for a particular religion, but as a profound teaching of inner power applicable for all of us regardless of which religion we belong:There was a very poor woman who begged every day for her food. One day she heard the Buddha was coming, so she was determined to meet him.

When she got closed enough to speak to him, she asked him for food.

“What do you really want?” The Buddha asked in return.

“I want some of those fruits you have in your bowl”

“I will give you some”, the Buddha answered, “but first you must refuse what I’m giving you”

Then he held out the fruits to her:

“Now – say NO!”

It was a very difficult thing for this starving woman, who could only feel one word: “YES!” resounding in her, as she stared at the delicious fruits he was holding out.

Nevertheless, she was silent and allowed the “No!” to grow inside her.

At the instant she uttered the word, she realized that for the entire life, she had been begging inwardly as well as outwardly, which had made her dependent on others for her self-worth.

In saying NO in this way for the first time, she also discovered there was an inner power in her that was capable of refusing a desire or an immediate need.

She discovered she could actually control a very powerful force within.

This force is the inner power.

You gain strength to stand up for yourself, to refuse your mind’s wishes and connect with your own true Will.

To begin your journey of increasing your Inner Power start with the 10 Steps to Inner Power in here:

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