There’s Always a Way Out!

Usually all of us, at certain periods dark of our life, lose faith in ourselves. Especially if things are going wrong for a long period of time.

Everything just looks hopeless and it seems like we’ll never get out of the ground.

This is the time that truly shows your Inner Power. It’s very easy at those times to just roll over and give up. It’s much more harder to get all the power and strength from inside of yourself and pull yourself together.

This is the time where you’ll need your Inner Power in order to get a clear mind and thinking to find the solutions to the problems that face you.

It’s also the time to discover even more energy inside of yourself

And keep this in mind: there’s ALWAYS more energy inside of yourself. Even when you think it’s fully depleted!

It’s just like a marathon runner who, at certain point of the race, thinks he cannot run any more, his legs ache, his form gets sloppy, his feet are burning up… yet, at the mere sight of the finishing line, all the energy comes flooding back in and he can even speed up in order to complete the race.

Where did this energy came from? Why wasn’t it there a couple of miles back when this runner really needed it?

There was nothing in the external conditions that changed to get this extra boost of energy. The runner didn’t get an injection with more energy. He didn’t drank any energy supplements.

The only thing that changed was in his INTERNAL conditions. When he was really depleted of energy in the middle of the race, his mind was giving up. He was convincing himself that it was too hard and he couldn’t do it. So all the pain became too intense to handle. He was focusing on the pain and suffering instead of focusing on moving one step at a time.

Yet, as he saw the finishing line approaching, his mind convinced itself that he could actually complete the race and conjured up all the necessary energy required to do so.

This metaphor is true in all walks of life and not just in sports. The same way that you can focus on the pain and suffering, and hence give up on your goals, you can also change your mind and inner power in order to conjure up the necessary energy to

No one is a failure until they give up.

Learn to have this inner power and strength with the 10 Steps to Inner Power:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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