There’s a misunderstanding about magnetism and being a leader.

It’s true that personal magnetism make people look at you as a leader. That’s one of the good side effects.

In fact, it’s your duty to lead, when you know you’re going to do the best job of that group.


Being magnetic is not about constantly leading every single time. It’s not like you always need to be the leader.

No… There’s nothing wrong in taking the back seat. Both in situations where you don’t need to lead or where you know you won’t be the best leader.

Sometimes, you do need to take a step back and allow others to lead. Probably they will make a better job than you.

But if that’s your constant approach to life, then you’re not magnetic.

While there’s nothing wrong in taking the back seat in some situations, there is something wrong in taking the back seat in life.

If you are constantly taking the back set, never stepping forward, never leading… then of course, there’s an issue with your magnetism and/or inner power.

This is definitely something you need to train.

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