Thought as the source of all manifestation

In my last post, I talked about how our thoughts are the youngest force within us, and how older, ancient instincts and emotions kick in much faster than thoughts.

Now, you might wonder: why do New Thought authors, like Atkinson, keep saying that thought is the source of all manifestation?

Indeed, thought is the source of all manifestation, and everything must be subjected to it. It’s the source of all our intentions. Thanks to thought, we can establish different intentions.

For example: a lion can’t suddenly decide to become a vegetarian. Yet, we can decide to eat (or not eat) whatever we want.

This is definitely due to our thought and rational ability, allowing us to have a will and intention.

So why do we focus so much on energy, emotions, and feelings? Shouldn’t all this be channeled to working with thought alone like the New Thought authors mention?

Well… it’s important to understand that when you read any New Thought author writing about thought, you need to consider that it’s related to it being 100% aligned with your feelings and energy.

Neville Goddard wrote it very well and explicitly when he said: “Feeling is the secret”… because in fact, it is.

For you to use your thought this way, it needs to be aligned with feeling and energy. Only when everything is aligned can you have a great source of power in your hands.

That’s what we work on in all our courses. Not just in “thinking” your way to magnetism, but in “aligning” your way to magnetism – integrating thought, emotions, and feelings through energy.

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