Thought helpers

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Thought will aid you in the following manner:

1. By the use of your positive thought force in the direction of directly influencing men in person, through the law of Suggestion. By this I mean that you will be able to interest men in your schemes and plans, enlist their aid, secure their patronage, and influence them generally. This faculty, natural to some men, can be acquired by any man or woman who has the will power and perseverance to develop it within them. Most students of the subject are desirous of acquiring knowledge of this branch of Mental Control before the other phases of the subject.

2. By the power of direct thought vibrations set in motion by your mind, which will exert a powerful effect upon the minds of others, unless they understand the secret of guarding against these forces and rendering themselves positive to others. An understanding of this law will also enable you to present a positive mental attitude toward the thought waves emanating from the minds of others.

3. By the power of the adductive qualities of thought, which works upon the theory “like attracts like.” By holding certain thoughts constantly, in your mind, you attract to you thoughts and influences of the like nature, from the great body of thought surrounding us, unseen, but all powerful. This power is one of the strongest forces in nature, and if properly used will attract assistance from the most unexpected quarters. “Thoughts are Things,” and possess a wonderful power of attracting to themselves other thought waves of the same vibratory pitch and quality.

1. By the power of thought in shaping your character and temperament to meet the requirements of your organization. You lack certain qualities needful for your success. You know it as well, if not better, than anyone else, but you have been deluded by a belief that these shortcomings were a part of you and that “the leopard cannot change his spots.” To you the study of the Law of Mental Control comes as a might ally, for you can overcome these deficiencies, and can acquire new characteristics and qualities, as well as learning how to strengthen those which you have already. Every man must work out his own salvation in this study, as in every other branch of human endeavor.”

The power of the mind and mind control is elaborated in the course:
>>> Concentration and Mind Control

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