Thought is our youngest force

Thought is our youngest force.

Feelings, emotions, pain, and pleasure operate much more swiftly within us than thought and intellect. The intellect takes its time to grasp things compared to our emotions. The initial response is always to feel something; only then do thoughts, considerations, and rationalizations follow.

This is evident, especially in attraction. Initially, you feel drawn to someone, and only afterward do you start to rationalize the attraction. The reasons surface only after your body has already given its approval. Without this initial emotional response, any subsequent rationalization may backfire.

Even the structure of the brain reflects this hierarchy.

The brainstem, responsible for instincts, sits at the core, followed by the limbic system, which governs emotions, and finally, the neocortex, responsible for rational thought.

We perceive intellect and thought as evolutionary developments that came later, superseding instincts and emotions.

This is undoubtedly a good thing; our capacity for thought and rationalization is indispensable. Don’t ever be under the impression that I’m despising thought and the rational mind. That’s not at all the purpose of this text.

It’s not about despising our rational mind.

The issue lies in our current tendency to prioritize thoughts and rationality while disregarding everything else we feel inside.

The emphasis should be on integrating thought with these much older internal forces—instincts, emotions, and feelings—all of which reside within the domain of the unconscious mind.

Since energy is how those forces speak to us, we use energy to “speak” that language. Through this, we understand these ancient, primal forces that significantly influence our behavior, decisions, and even our sense of purpose in life.

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