Thoughts are a living reality

You may think that a thought or mental picture or your inner voice is just a minor thing inside your mind. Since it’s just a passing image like any others, it doesn’t hold much weight.

But you would be wrong.

Every thought, mental picture, and inner voice is energy; as such, it’s an active living reality that affects you and everyone else around you.

People often dismiss it as “It’s just your imagination”. It can be your imagination, but it’s not JUST your imagination. It’s so much more than this.

Everything that runs through your mind has energy associated with it.

And you can give it even further energy by elaborating and fixating on those thoughts.

You often do it with no control over what you are doing.

Whatever runs through your mind is pure chance. It simply happens.

You don’t choose it, but it’s conditioned by your childhood, the environment around you, the intake of information, the apps you use and so forth.

Most people go through life just like this with no real awareness of what goes on in their minds.

And because of this, it seems like events simple happen.

But we are constructing ourselves and our reality every day with our thoughts, imaginations, inner voice and, of course, behaviors – which tend to be natural consequences of our inner life.

That’s why this type of work – particularly awareness over our thoughts and mental images – is an essential part of our foundational course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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