The time when I was scolded by Fabricio

Many students think the 10 Steps to Inner Power is only a training for self-confidence with “tips” like fake till you make it and love yourself.Far from it.

The 10 Steps are the foundations of Inner Power, which is much more than just an illusion of self-confidence.

It seeds the soil upon which charisma will grow. All our trainings are filled with references to the 10 Steps simply because all the bare bones are there.

You don’t have to be perfect in terms of inner power, but you sure need to fix the main leaks, and keep training it as you go along, since the more it grows, the more your projection power also grows.

These were the exercises and practices I started to do on my own training.

I remember when I told Fabricio how I wanted to learn more about the “energy stuff” and he scolded me heavily by saying:

“Why do you want that? What exactly will you do with it if you can’t even maintain a steady inner power? How will you be able to develop any kind of energy this way? All the precious tension energy you gain will only be dripped away in your thousand inner power leaks!”

He continued to point out my personal leaks of inner power. Procrastination, lack of will, weak mental state, not being able to lead or influence, ego protection, mental rumination, continue to pursue toxic relationships, among many others.

It wasn’t pleasant to hear since it felt like a personal attack. And when he saw my gloomy and depressed face, he just said:

“Just by being so affected by what I’m saying, it simply confirms that you are not ready for advanced energy applications. You keep trying to protect your ego, so you still haven’t understood the basic principles of inner power!”

Ouch! I won’t lie to you… this was hard to hear and digest. It took me a while to get back to normal.

But the only reason I was so deeply affected by what he said was because I know it was true. I was neglecting this inner power work in favour of the “sexier” exercises of energy work. And he called me out on it.

It was the wake up call I needed to do this work before I could advance. And needless to say, once I fixed many of my leaks, the magnetism exponentially grew!

It’s hard work, much more than all the energy exercises, but it’s also the most important one.

Learn the foundations of charisma and personal magnetism with the 10 Steps to Inner Power training here:

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