Transmuting Sexual Energy

The transmutation of sexual energy is about transforming sexual energy into a different type of energy, often to be used as an avenue of constructive expression – like art or even business. It’s basically making sexual energy useful for some worldly pursuit instead of being just for attraction and influence.

There are many misinterpretations as to how we can actually do this. But it’s not about just becoming celibate, and it’s done.

Nor will it work just by using a simple technique, and lo and behold, energy will be transmuted.

You need to understand the process of sexual energy in your body. What is, in fact, happening with your energy? How is it increasing, and how is it being expelled and renewed? Where are the blocks inside of you?

Before you understand precisely how it’s working in your body, it will be hard to make something useful with it – whether you want to transmute it or use it for attraction. Either way, the effect is the same.

Transmutation of sexual energy is often used in frustration, such as: “I’m not getting any attraction anyway, so might as well turn this sexual energy into something useful for my life.”

But this is missing the mark.

It will be hard to transmute something you are already unconsciously wasting and not understanding. It’s different from pressing a button, and it’s done.

If your body is leaking sexual energy during your normal everyday life, it will continue to leak. The blocks will still be there. It’s not like you can dodge your way of handling them.

Transmutation can be quite a good and worthwhile technique… BUT you need to use it when you know what you are doing and when you understand how the sexual energy moves inside of you.

This is what we teach in the course:
>>> Sexual Energy Mastery

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