Tratak and Cognitive Evolution

Fortunately for all of us, we don’t need to keep with the same cognitive ability we had when we were born.I can definitely say my cognitive abilities are much better now than they were when I was younger. Which goes against the common scientific theories which say we have our cognitive peak in our 20s.

I have a better attention, memory and speed of thought now that I ever had before. And it just keeps getting better.

Obviously, it’s only better now due to all the mind training. Without it, I doubt it will ever be better than before.

There’s one technique which I consider was the biggest factor on my cognitive improvements:


It’s probably the best technique I know of to improve your overall brain.

Not only it’s great for concentration and memory, but you’ll also see many other cognitive skills improving, like cognitive speed, reasoning, perception, flexibility, problem solving and so on.

It’s like your brain lights up when you do it regularly.

It doesn’t mean that you can now become a genius or a savant. But it can surely improve your baseline cognitive ability.

It’s definitely not an easy technique to master. It already requires a baseline of concentration to be able to even start – that’s why we set up a whole preparation for it.

This cognitive boost is not the only benefit you get from it. This technique is a doorway to much deeper aspects of magnetic work.

It’s such a powerful treasure trove of benefits that I can’t speak highly enough.

We teach it on the Concentration and Mind Control training.

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