The True Reason You Aren’t Changing

Personal change is not as easy as it may look.

Even if you are taking steps to change, you may not truly want it.

Even if it’s a good – and spectacular – change, you may not truly want it.

Even if you think all your problems will be solved by this one change, you may not truly want it.


Because change requires you to let go some part of yourself.

Change requires some part of you to actually DIE.

That’s not easy to fully accept. Any death – even if followed by a better rebirth – is stressful. Simply because it will present us with a new and unpredictable reality.

What happens in any personal change is that you need to let a part of your identity to DIE so a new one can be born.

This part of you had its purpose and was useful for you for many years. That’s why it’s hard to let go.

Yet, to change to a future that you want, you must be willing to allow this part to be replaced by a new one. And no course or teacher can do that for you. This is a very personal decision and commitment.

And it’s not as easy as saying: “Sure, I accept, I want to change”. You need to consider its true implications.

In very practical terms, this is about how you “feel”, see and hear yourself in your daily life. It needs to be different for an actual change to happen.

You will have to do things that “are not you”. If they were “you”, there would be no change necessary.

Everyone wants to be more confident and powerful, but no one wants its implications. This means making though choices. This means taking a stand. This means leading instead of following. This means controlling yourself when everyone is losing their cool.

It’s not just about the good parts. It’s not just about having everyone admire you and getting attracted to you. It’s also about doing those hard decisions and behaviours no one wants to do.

It’s about doing behaviours that “are not you”.

And that’s where you’ll be afraid to let go of your weaker identity. You know you can manage the consequences of your weaker identity. But you don’t know if you are able to manage the consequences of your stronger identity.

And guess what… in the beginning it will suck!

You will want to revert back to a simple and easier time. You will make mistakes. You won’t handle the situations as well as you could.

That’s all part of the process of death and rebirth.

Yet, with time, this “powerful you” becomes the new normal. You’ll be perfectly comfortable in being the leader in though situations. You’ll be perfectly comfortable in taking a stand! You’ll be perfectly comfortable in controlling your emotions in though situations.

And that’s when you know that you have changed and the weaker part of you has died. But don’t be fooled, any death process is an anxious and difficult time.

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