Two (important!) attributes of concentration

William Latson wrote:

“Now, what is concentration? In a word, concentration may be defined as being in that state of mind in which the total and entire energies of the individual, physical as well as mental, are focused upon the thing he is doing or thinking.

All actions and all thoughts not connected with what he is doing or thinking are kept out of the mind; and all his forces are bent upon the task in hand.

He who can do this has concentration, has the power of attention. He who has not this power must acquire it before he can hope to do or be anything admirable or worthy in the world.”

There are two important attributes of concentration:

– Focusing of the energies

– Sustained attention

There are not the only attributes of concentration, but they are the ones we are focusing on this email.

To be concentrated, everything inside of you must be focused on what you are doing. It comes as much from the mind as it comes from the energy and body.

The full undivided focus is a laser like phenomenon. Everything is concentrated in that one beam, that’s why it provides such a powerful effect.

When your mind is halfway thinking about lunch and halfway thinking about what you are doing, as you might expect the type of work you are doing won’t be very good.

When you are trying to focused on something, yet, other things keep popping into your mind, it’s due to not having this undivided focus.

Your energies are divided.

When you commit fully to what you are doing, your best work will always come forward.

Then, we have sustained attention where you keep this state of unified attention for as long as you must.

That’s why concentration is indissociable from the Will and when you train concentration you always train the Will at the same time.

You can be concentrated for a while, but it’s the Will that allows you to keep the sustaining concentration for a larger period of time.

Just mastering these two attributes alone would be enough to “be something admirable or worthy in the world”, as William Latson puts it.

We train these attributes (and more) in the course:
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