What are the two types of projection?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Having mental control over your thoughts makes you project your energy easier?”

There are two types of projection:

1) The natural projection


2) The focused projection

The natural projection, is also called your own magnetism. It’s the quality (and quantity) of the energy you are projecting, without any effort at all.

This is what allows, for example, to get sexual attraction from women while you’re doing something else, completely unrelated. They approach you!

If your energy has a sexual quality (ie. sexual magnetism), this is what happens.

It’s also what allows your own natural personal magnetism. To get instant respect and likability from everyone else.

This type of projection depends much on your own energy development, mental work (that we discuss on the 10 Steps), as well as the common external type of work (body language, tonality) which is done on a later stage once you already trained the other important elements.

The focused projection is different.

It’s a conscious use of your own energy to achieve a certain goal. You project a certain type of energy to a certain person, group, space or situation with the aim of achieving a certain objective.

It can be to get attraction from one specific person, or to get the agreement of an investor to your project, among others.

The mental work here is of a different category than in the natural projection. It’s not much of a permanent or constant change of thinking, but it’s more of a burst of concentrated thought.

You actually need to focus your mind like a laser so that your energy can be intensely directed to that specific objective. So concentration is of paramount importance here.

In Charisma School we teach both of these types of energy projection and both are necessary for a complete use.

The only true essential type is the natural projection.

Without the work done in natural projection, the focused projection is a lot harder. You’ll have to consciously break all your previous bad conditioning in one specific moment, so that the energy can flow.

While if you already developed natural magnetism, you are already used to energy work, already changed a lot inside of yourself and released much of what was holding you back.

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