What type of blocks can we have?

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“What type of blocks can we have in our body?”

Blocks is a very interesting topic.

First let’s define them.

We can consider blocks as an interruption of our healthy energy flow. The energy wants to constantly be flowing, and if, for some reason, this flow is interrupted, then we can say we have a block on that particular place.

This interruption on the energy flow always causes different types of effects in you.

It can cause a physical pain or an emotional disturbance. When the block is there for a big enough time frame, it can cause an actual disease.

Many chronic illnesses can be originated from these energy blocks.

Let’s say chronic migraines.

I’ve had a few cases where these chronic migraines were associated with a heavy tension in your head. When the tension is released and the energy allowed to flow as it should, the migraines disappeared.

There are many similar situations.

I suspect many illnesses are associated with energy blocks, but we may not be aware enough to identify them. I could heal many situations on myself – as well as others – with this awareness, but I’m not free of not being aware enough of a certain block that can be deep inside the body.

With that said, there’s only one type of block which is energetic (an interruption of the energy flow). But we can mainly notice this block in different ways:

– Physically: when we notice a muscular tension in our body

– Mentally and emotionally: when we notice it associated with a particular mental state

– Energetically: when we notice it only on our energetic body (so it hasn’t manifested physically yet)

And so we can discuss them as physical, energetic, mental and emotional blocks. Eventually, they all create an impact in you.

Whether it’s a physical illness or a particular mental or emotional state you don’t want, in general, blocks are unpleasant and to be avoided and released as much as possible.

You don’t gain anything by not allowing the energy to flow as it should.

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