Understanding the Universal Will

Last week I posted an exciting text by William Walker Atkinson that I highly recommend you read if you haven’t already.

Today I wanted to talk about a specific part of it. Atkinson says:

“The Law will open the door to you but will not push you in.”


“The man who understands the workings of the Law, acts upon the tender impulses imparted to him, without resistance. He does not ask to see the end of the journey, but he sees the step just ahead of him very plainly, and he hesitates not about taking it.”

Atkinson is, of course, referring to the fact that you will need to work and take action to manifest anything in the world. Not just any action but a “guided” action.

Guided by who? That’s the mystery. No one really knows. There are only our beliefs. I prefer to consider it the “Universal Will” or the “universe.” Still, it can quickly go down the religious beliefs.

Either way, Atkinson warns us that we won’t get our objectives when sitting quietly at home just waiting for the results. But also, it’s not about running around as a headless chicken doing everything.

Instead, we receive a hint. In most situations, it’s a subtle hint; other times, it can be a big and loud hint. But it’s nothing more than that: a hint.

Sometimes this hint comes from the outside (a strange coincidence) and sometimes from the inside (this impulse or intuition to do something).

And it tells us the next step to take. It rarely is the “big idea” that will allow us to become rich, famous, or achieve whatever we want. It’s rarely like that.

Instead, it’s only the “next step” – not the end of the journey.

If we are looking for the giant road sign that tells us something important, we will miss it.

Instead, we need to look at the smaller hints and signs.

But there’s a caveat here.

It’s extremely easy to fool ourselves into thinking something is a “sign from the universe” when it’s not. You must be very honest with yourself and understand your patterns and common impulses before trying to understand this. Otherwise, you will be fooled by your subconscious and be led to roads with no exit.

We discuss this topic in the Will Mastery course, particularly the difference between your Will and the Universal Will. If you don’t even understand your own Will, it will be quite hard to understand the Universal Will.

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