Unlimited energy and invincible determination

Here are the words of William Walker Atkinson on a topic of utmost importance:

“Energy and invincible determination – these two things will sweep away mightily barriers and will surmount the greatest obstacles. And yet, they must be used together. Energy without determination will go to waste.

Lots of men have plenty of energy – they are full to overflowing with it; and yet they lack concentration – they lack the concentrated force that enables them to bring their power to bear upon the right spot.

Others who have plenty of energy, fail to direct it by the power of the Will toward the desired end.

Everyone has within him a giant Will, but the majority of us are too lazy to use it. We cannot get ourselves nerved up to the point at which we can say, truthfully: “I Will”.

If we can but pluck up our courage to that point, and will then pin it in place so that it will not slip back, we will be able to call into play that wonderful power – the Human Will.

Man, as a rule, has but the faintest conception of the power of the Will, but those who have studied along the occult teachings, know that the Will is one of the great dynamic forces of the universe, and if harnessed and directed properly it is capable of accomplishing almost miraculous things.”

Concentration and Will are two sides of one coin. They work together to aid you to carry out whatever you want to accomplish.

You need to work with both to perform consistently in your own everyday life.

This goes way beyond personal magnetism. It’s related to all of your life. Particularly those who struggle with issues like procrastination or distractedness.

That’s what you develop with training courses like the 10 Steps to Inner Power and Concentration and Mind Control. Unlimited energy and invincible determination, Will and Concentration that allows you to do what needs to be done!

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