There’s still a common misconception that there are a lot of occult secret techniques hidden away from prying eyes that give you unlimited powers.

As if you could do that one technique for 20 minutes a day and all of a sudden you have the magic powers of Dr. Strange.

I wish that would be the case. But unfortunately, the reality is a lot harsher.

While traditional hidden sects still remain these days, the knowledge they share is rarely that secret anymore.

There’s barely “secret knowledge” any more.

Now, you can get a book for $15 that describes many techniques that just 100 years ago you would need to go to Tibet or China and beg some guru to teach you.

Knowledge is becoming more open.

Just like you, my intellectual curiosity wants me to learn all this. And surely I have more books of “hidden secrets” on my shelf that I can possibly study at length.

Yet, this is only an illusion. As if knowing the hidden secrets of old yoga masters I could ever get there without going through a painstakingly hard process.

It’s not about the one technique or set of techniques. It’s about the whole path.

It’s not about the knowledge. It’s about the experience.

It’s not about knowing more. It’s about becoming more.

Everyone with internet access “knows more” these days. Yet, not everyone IS more.

Sure you can learn the secrets of some century old hidden sect by searching on google.

But do you really think you could actually use this knowledge without being a part of that tradition?

Very unlikely.

It will be only an illusion that you know it.

You’ll need to go through it in order to absorb it.

You’ll need someone to be there and guide you along. This sharing of energy you get by this guidance and the whole experience is what will transform you, not the knowledge.

Don’t get fooled by the thirst of knowledge of any of these methods. The experience of actually going through it is what matters.