Using synergistic effects

When you start any of our Charisma School courses, the goal is NOT absolute perfection on everything you learn in any of those courses. Otherwise, you would be stuck there for years as the applications and discoveries can be endless.

The goal is to increase awareness. First, you need to become aware of what is happening inside of you, and little by little, you will go deeper.

Understanding the theory is not that hard. You can quickly get a solid grasp of everything in just a few minutes. But you need to do the exercises, not just hear them. As interesting as they may be, you won’t achieve anything just by hearing someone speak.

The problem only starts when we look inside. This is when we become aware of the demons we face.

I’m sure you know you are not perfect. We all know that about ourselves. In fact, most likely, you’re plagued by issues, some of them quite old. You may know them quite well from their effects on your behavior (“I get anxious when I public speaking”). Still, it’s entirely different from knowing them from various lenses, like how do they manifest in your energy? And in your mental body? How do they move inside? What energy centers are they blocking? And so on.

When you become aware of what’s happening inside, you finally get to the root of the problems. But you won’t know everything just by one glimpse or one week of doing an exercise.

Your awareness increases as you get more tools under your belt and more experience.

For example, the Vitality and Energy Training introduces you to tension energy. Of course, you won’t know everything there is to know about tension energy in just one pass through that course. But you are introduced to its essential aspects. You become aware that it exists and how it’s manifested in your body.

Once you go through Advanced Energy Science and then return to Vitality and Energy Training, a whole new dimension of that training – and tension energy – opens up. Your awareness has now a sudden boost due to the synergistic effect of different tools (and awarenesses).

So, don’t worry about mastery; don’t be stuck in one exercise for ages. Instead, do what you can with the exercises, then move on, maintain that awareness and come back later to it after you have developed other skills. Do the same loop many times. Even to this day, I’m still getting new insights into the “basic” exercises.

We should, of course, always strive for mastery, but you achieve it through the synergistic effects of different skills and insights.

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