Using the Act of Will

In his memoirs, Carl Jung recollects how in his childhood years, he started having fainting fits. This was because another kid knocked him unconscious once, and then he gradually developed fainting as an unconscious defense mechanism.

The fainting fits started to affect his life. His parents consulted several doctors who didn’t know what was wrong with him.

Here’s the description directly from his words:

“My parents became more worried than ever. Then one day a friend called on my father. They were sitting in the garden and I hid behind a shrub, for I was possessed of an insatiable curiosity. I heard the visitor saying to my father, “And how is your son?” “Ah, that’s a sad business,” my father replied. “The doctors no longer know what is wrong with him. They think it may be epilepsy. It would be dreadful if he were incurable. I have lost what little I had, and what will become of the boy if he cannot earn his own living?”
I was thunderstruck. This was the collision with reality. “Why, then, I must get to work!” I thought suddenly. From that moment on I became a serious child. I crept away, went to my father’s study, took out my Latin grammar, and began to cram with intense concentration. After ten minutes of this I had the finest of fainting fits. I almost fell off the chair, but after a few minutes I felt better and went on working. “Devil take it, I’m not going to faint,” I told myself, and persisted in my purpose. This time it took about fifteen minutes before the second attack came. That, too, passed like the first. “And now you must really get to work!” I stuck it out, and after an hour came the third attack. Still I did not give up, and worked for another hour, until I had the feeling that I had overcome the attacks. Suddenly I felt better than I had in all the months before. And in fact the attacks did not recur. From that day on I worked over my grammar and other schoolbooks every day. A few weeks later I returned to school, and never suffered another attack, even there. The whole bag of tricks was over and done with! That was when I learned what a neurosis is.”

Notice what he did here?

He used an Act of Will. Particularly when he said: “Why, then, I must get to work!”. When this is stated right from the depths of our Will, then we know it’s serious, and we know he will succeed.

The Act of Will places your body, mind, and energy under the control of the Will. So you can do what you set out to do. This way, he could overcome a health matter just by willing it.

But it must be your true Will. It’s not enough to merely say something as you constantly say to yourself. No, this comes from the depths of your being and affects everything. Just like those smokers of 20 years who one day say they are not going to smoke again, put the cigarettes aside, and it’s done. No therapies, no hypnosis, nothing. Just a pure Act of Will.

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