Vehicle moving by the energy of the Will!

There’s a misconception when studying and using the Will.

The Will is used mostly when it’s hard. Not when it’s easy. When you are motivated to do something, you need very little Will.

Let’s say you wake up feeling very energetic, filled with motivation to go work out and get to the gym.

How much Will do you need to actually get to the gym?

Very little!

Your body pretty much moves by itself and everything is easy to do.

Now compare this with those days you need to get up early to get your workout done and it’s rainy, cold and you barely slept.

How much Will do you need now?

That’s the time where you actually need the Will. Particularly a specific quality of the Will that is the Will Power.

Before, when your motivation is at an all time high, everything is done pretty much automatically. But that rainy, cold day where you only want to stay in bed… that’s when the Will enters the stage.

It’s when you actually need it.

That’s – of course – just one example, but it could be much more. It could be about everything that you procrastinate about. Maybe it’s about a project you are involved, or a training you are doing. Pretty much everything where there’s resistance to something that you want to do.

That’s the training aspect… but the end goal, it’s actually a lot easier: overall we use the Will so that what we want becomes easy (even if training is done when it’s hard).

I’ll explain: once you are connected to your own Will and your mind is perfectly under its control, then everything stops being hard. It’s no longer a challenge that causes a lot of pain and suffering to do. It becomes just something you do.

Using our rainy cold day example: you’re not going to stay in bed thinking how comfortable and warm it is. You are jumping out of bed immediately because that’s what you WANT to do. Your WANT superimposes everything else. When you are connected to your Will, it’s no longer hard to get up.

You become in a permanent Will State where your Will gives you the energy and motivation to do what you want to do. The mind is now under the control of the Will, not the other way around. It’s not the mind that is telling you that it’s warm and cozy because that’s what the body is feeling. It’s the Will that is telling you what you want to do and hence the mind and body obey.

That’s what we want to develop when we train the Will with the course:
>>> Will Mastery

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