Why would you want to be buried alive?

Feats of mind/body control have been done for thousands of years. We’ve often seen articles or descriptions of yogis being buried alive or stopping their own heart or not eating for years.

This may seem far fetched or trickery in action, but it’s far from trickery… or at least not in the true yogis.

It’s perfectly real and plausible once you understand how the energies of the human body work (and the yogis did!).

While most people have no interest in the long effort of training to be buried alive, having a certain control over their body and mind is a very worthwhile endeavour which brings benefits to your daily life.

And fortunately for us it doesn’t require dedicating your whole life to it. Just a basic understanding of the laws of the mind and energy.

A few benefits of this control are:

– Being able to control the pain response of your body
– Focusing your mind with no limits
– Understating how to use your Will to control your feelings and emotions
– How to do what must be done and become instantly more productive,
– Understanding the basic mind/body connection for disease control
– Strengthening of the immune system
– And much more!

Above all, mind/body control practices are tests to the true power of your Will. Not tests for others to believe in you, but tests for you to believe in yourself.

I credit these type of exercises to becoming very prolific and productive in my life. With it, I could gather the Will to always do what must be done with no pain or suffering. I’ve understood how to align my mind, body and Will into an unique whole that supports all my endeavours.

That’s the true goal of all these practices!

I doubt you (or me) will now give up your life to go to Nepal and train with the yogis to be buried alive. But adding a few minutes of practice per day with simple exercises to make your Will stronger, to be able to do the things you were waiting to do and achieve the goals you want to achieve, is certainly a well spent time!

If you have done a few Charisma School courses, especially the Magnetic Gaze and the 10 Steps with all the new updates over the past year, you already have some the basic groundwork of mind/body control.

But soon there will be an advanced course on Concentration and Mind Control.

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